Notes for LearnDash

  • Taller editor on single note page
  • Additional TinyMCE buttons

  • Fixed issues with saving and printing on single note page


  • Mobile UI improvements
  • Fixed double confirmation message on delete
  • Enhanced security
  • More robust data validation on save
  • Fixed: after you save, the button text reverts to english
  • Improved single note template experience


  • Adds ability to [note_editor id=””] and have multiple notepads on a given page


  • Allows the forcing of the note editor to display with [note_editor force_display=”true” ]
  • Detects Elementor and adds CPT support if exists
  • Adds ability to set global default title / body


  • Adds filter ldnt_notes_per_page for options on number of visible notes per page
  • Fixes gap below take notes tab at bottom
  • Fixes issue caused by resizing textarea but not notepad


  • Corrects redirect issues for reused lessons/topics


  • Revised settings experience
  • Tweaks to mobile experience


  • Checks for LearnDash stepped permalinks


  • Corrected cases where new color pickers weren’t extending


  • Optimized mobile UI
  • Native responsive tables and table realignment
  • You can now select a specific page to use as the single notes template
  • New take notes button style (circle) option


  • Added jQuery UI support touch events on draggable and resizable
  • Massaged support for iPhone X
  • Adds support to configure how far from the right you’d like the tab to display
  • Added autosave feature


  • Fixes issue where note indicators showed up even when logged out (or in doubles)
  • Mobile note UI tweaks
  • Adjustments to group leader note viewing permissions


  • Better support for when TinyMCE doesn’t load properly (not ideal but it works)
  • Adds link to LD30 content listings if note exists
  • More standard mobile support
  • Added ability to control who can take notes based on user role or LearnDash group
  • Improved styling on note table

  • Minor logic and conditional updates

  • Prevents the notepad shortcode or widget from appearing on coursenotes pages

  • Misc minor bug fixes


  • Misc minor bug fixes

  • More support for edge cases where users don’t save a title

  • Changed logic on notepad initialization for better backwards compatibility
  • Prevent the ability to support notes on notes (noteception)


  • Saved note defaults to page name if no note title is created
  • Downloaded note fallback if note doesn’t have a title
  • Interface overhaul
  • Added attribute of posts_per_page=”” to set the number of notes to display before pagination
  • Users notes get deleted when you delete all LearnDash user data


  • If you have new window set the all notes link opens in a new window as well
  • Improved overall user experience
  • Added pagination to notes
  • Improved search capabilities
  • Added a back to all notes link from individual note pages


  • More logic around access and saving of other users notes


  • Fixes issues with content being output as escaped HTML
  • Reworks how and when scripts are enqueued
  • Adds translation for delete confirmation


  • Added new permissions ‘read_others_nt_notes’, ‘edit_others_nt_notes’, ‘delete_others_nt_notes’
  • Group leaders can now edit and read others notes
  • Added new shortcode [nt_my_groups_notes] for group leaders to navigate users notes within their groups


  • Better support for multilingual characters in exported doc files


  • If notepad was left outside the viewport dimensions will automatically reset


  • Fixed bug with hiding notepad on mobile
  • Added ability to turn on notepad for any page, post or custom post type
  • If no custom title is set, the post title will be used
  • Added live search on note listing shortcode


  • Added support for special characters in word downloads


  • You can now use [note_editor] shortcode to put the note editor right in the page


  • You can now use [learndash_course_notes display=”user”] so administrators only see their own notes


  • Added option to place editor using a shortcode
  • Ensured WP Media file enqueuing for compatibility


  • Added listing of users notes to the user profile page for editors / administrators
  • Added button to bulk download notes with the [learndash_my_notes] shortcode


  • Added attribute of order to note listing shortcode

  • Renamed print function for compatibility reasons

  • Change DOM placement to improve compatibility with overlapping
  • Added check activation message option on license registration

  • Fixed downloading with permalinks disabled


  • Added ability to select page with the all notes shortcode
  • Adds link to all notes in notepad

  • Misc bug fixes


  • Fixed issues with older PHP versions
  • Added ability to customize colors
  • Moved note taking icon default placement to the bottom of the screen
  • Added option to move notes icon before or after the content
  • Added option to move notes icon fixed to the top of the screen
  • Added option to hide on mobile
  • Better mobile support


  • Compatibility fixes


  • Added delete icon / option
  • Changed method of including main icons
  • Better mobile support
  • Fixed issues with icons loading on individual note pages
  • Added options to enabled / disabled notes on courses, lessons, topics or assignments
  • Added option to open note links in a new window or not
  • Added option on individual courses, lessons and topics to disable note taking
  • Added option for a default note and title on individual courses, lessons and topics
  • Basic implementation of new shortcode that outputs course hierarchy with associated notes [learndash_course_notes]

1.1 Initial Release!

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