LearnDash Visual Customizer


  • Feature: Hide breadcrumbs
  • Feature: Hide lesson / topic counts
  • Feature: Have LD inherit theme font sizes
  • Feature: Hide progress count on content tables
  • Feature: Hide progress steps on progress bar
  • Feature: Hide last activity on progress bar
  • Feature: Control focus mode content width
  • Feature: Adds a widget area to focus mode (below menu) (next to content)


  • Misc consistency fixes
  • Adds support for ld_course_list for LearnDash 3.0 theme


  • Minor bug fix on shortcodes in legacy mode


  • Massive overhaul for LearnDash 3.0! Supports the new modern theme

  • Fontawesome version swaps iconpicker version in admin
  • Updated version of Fontawesome icon picker for better gutenberg compatibility
  • Typo on quiz incorrect background color


  • Better support for drip feeding in the grid view
  • Increased template include priority to override bundled themes


  • Fixes bug where primary template overrides don’t work
  • Adds support to change number of columns when using the grid with banners template
  • Changes ESC URL to ESC_ATTR


  • Works on nested URLS with shortcodes
  • Updated textdomain on some strings
  • Adds ability to select between FontAwesome 4 and 5
  • Fixes issue with stepped course links on shortcodes


  • Adds FontAwesome 5 support
  • You can now manage and preview all customizations through the WP Customizer
  • New method of registering widgets
  • Better consistency across themes

  • Adds button to reset all colors
  • Some styling consistency improvements
  • Adds new hooks and filters from updated LearnDash templates

  • Adds support for materials on lessons / topics inline new LearnDash capabilities

  • Updated translation strings

  • Added rustic theme back, new and improved

  • Custom icon support in expanded widget
  • Fixes compatibility issues with other plugins and saving settings


  • Found issue with the_excerpt() causing infinite loop when using the page builder
  • Some PHP backwards compatibility


  • Misc bug fixes and optimizations


  • More streamlined markup and templates.
  • Added ability to override individual templates by copying them into /wp-content/themes/yourtheme/learndash/ldvc/*
  • Added new template of grid style

  • More strict styling on classic theme

  • Extra conditionals around course materials output

  • Restores [lds_lesson_list id=”X”]

  • Different enqueue method for dynamic file


  • Expanded course list will only show an icon or a featured image, not both


  • Fixed issue where templates wouldn’t load in some hosting
  • Added ability to pick your own icons if you don’t like the default content type icons
  • Added cat=”” and tag=”” support for [lds_expanded_course_list] and [lds_course_list]


  • Added check for custom label class before use


  • New expanded course navigation widget
  • Added [lds_login] widget for a stylized login box
  • Refined all themes!
  • New course progress leaderboard in enhanced learndash template

  • Fixes gap in expanded style listings in some situations


  • Fixed mismatched translation slugs
  • Added support for id=”X” in [lds_expanded_course_list] shortcode

  • Fixed bug with missing icon on default icon set

  • Fixes translation string in english translation file

  • Fixes PHP notices on profile pages with enhanced progress bar

  • Changes to enhanced progress bar for recent version of LD
  • Added support for quiz background and text color

  • Hides steps in the progress bar for courses you have not enrolled in
  • Updated translation source


  • Another activation issue on old versions of PHP
  • Fixes missing status icons on profile page
  • Prevents errors if LearnDash is not enabled


  • Fixed issue with missing 0 on enhanced progress widget
  • Fixed activation issue on very old versions of PHP


  • Added two new course listing shortcodes [lds_course_list cols=”2″ style=”icon”] [lds_course_list cols=”2/3″ style=”banner”] and [lds_expanded_course_list]
  • Added shortcode for an enhanced progress bar [lds_progress]
  • Added widget for an enhanced progress bar
  • Added new course, lesson, topic view that can be set using LearnDash > Apperance > Settings > theme
  • Added “enhanced” LearnDash setting that includes duration, content type / icon and short description to LearnDash Content


  • Added option to deregister scripts for better compatibility with themes that have their own LD Styling
  • Changed styling for drip feed courses


  • Added ability to adjust text sizes
  • Fixed issue with missing quiz icons


* Updated method of saving licenses to fix activation reset


  • Switched default enqueue method to inline for compatibility


  • Added more strict markup for better consistency


  • Added ability to write out stylesheet for faster loading or embed in the head for compatibility
  • Added ability to select the widget title selector for theme compatibility
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Combined stylesheets, preventing two color flashes
  • Added animation effects option
  • Added ability to select which icon set you’d like to use
  • Added ability to customize border radius on buttons


  • Moved activate button down on the page


  • Initial Release!