COVID-19 Relief Efforts

We’re at a time where the entire world is united in battling an invisible, and frightening virus. One of the largest challenges many countries face is the lack of medical supplies and protection devices for healthcare workers. If we all contribute in what ever way we can, regardless of how big or small, we can save lives and protect those fighting to save others. While the world fights this pandemic, we will be donating 25% of all profits to the supplying of medical and safety supplies around the world. We will continue to update this page documenting our efforts and sharing ways we can help across the world.

In March 2020, we donated to the #GiveThemPPE campaign.


Ways we can all help

  • Talk to those who aren’t social distancing about the importance of us all doing our part
  • Buy gift cards from local businesses that are struggling
  • Buy groceries and food for high risk individuals so they don’t have to enter the grocery store
  • Find a crowd funding campaign and donate any amount
  • Share good news to those who are struggling with anxiety and fear
  • Don’t panic buy or horde, just get a little more than you need
  • Connect with your friends, family and colleagues over video chats
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