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LearnDash Visual Customizer

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Want to make LearnDash your own but don’t want to bother with custom CSS? LearnDash Visual Customizer is a premium LearnDash add-on fully equipped with five custom, pre-packaged skins, over twenty color pickers and custom icons sets. Find the skin that best fits your courses and control the color scheme so it matches perfectly… all without the use of custom code.

  • Five custom pre-packaged skins
  • 20+ color pickers
  • Fontawesome icons

LearnDash Notes


Logged in users can take notes on any course, lesson or topic through an always accessible, floating “notes” tab. Comes with WYSIWYG editing functions and can be dragged, dropped and resized — all through the front end! An easy shortcode gives users access to all notes they’ve taken through your site.

The notes window sits on top of your LearnDash pages and can be dragged, dropped and resized. Position is saved on an individual user level so users can setup what position and size works best for them and it will automatically save into their preferences.

Display a list of the logged in users notes with the shortcode [learndash_my_notes]

  • Drag, drop and resize the notes editor
  • WYSIWYG formatting
  • Shortcode for listing a users notes
  • Export notes to a Word document
  • Easily print notes



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