Give Your WordPress Users the Ability to Take Notes

Give your users their very own note pad right within your site! Configure what content types or pages you’d like the note pad enabled on and users will have access to a “take notes” button, pulling up a dynamic notepad. Fully equipped with WYSIWYG editing capabilities, users can save notes to a post, page or other content type and refer back to it at any time — all through the front end!

A simple shortcode gives users access to all the notes they’ve written throughout the site and even gives them the ability to print, download a PDF or Word document of said notes.

Display a list of the logged in users notes with the shortcode [my_notes]

  • Drag, drop and resize the notes editor
  • WYSIWYG formatting
  • Shortcode for listing a users notes
  • Export notes to a Word document
  • Easily print notes



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