Visual Customizer for LearnDash

Customize LearnDash or completely change the design in just a few clicks!

Created by the same team that designed the LearnDash 3.0 template

Make Your Course Stand Out

Online courses are getting more and more saturated. A few years ago you could attract an audience regardless of what your course “looked like.” Today that’s not the case.

LearnDash Visual Customizer enhances the look, feel and experience of your LearnDash courses to ensure your course thrives.

More Than a
Fresh Coat of Paint

Visual Customizer does more than change colors, it bundles entirely new layouts, templates and features like estimated duration, content type and more.

Packed with Enhancements

When it comes to online courses, experiences matter. You don’t get the same touch points and interaction as you do in person.

Six Bundled Skins

A variety of different styles and tones to ensure you can find one that fits your content and audience.

Custom Icons

Set a custom icon for every icon in LearnDash 3.0. Make sure the iconography matches the tone of your course.

New Layouts

Display course content in several unique ways including grids and a timeline mode.

Display Additional Course Information

Include expected duration, content type, brief descriptions and post thumbnails to give users more clarity.

Use Custom Fonts and Adjust Font Sizing

Select from hundreds of available fonts and customize the size of fonts within your LearnDash content.

Fine tune LearnDash to display exactly how you want it.

Over two dozen color pickers, add drop shadows, adjust border width, adjust rounded corners, tweak spacing and padding and more!

What you can customize (and more)

  • Content border radius
  • Content item border size
  • Content item padding
  • Margin below content items
  • Drop shadows
  • Layout
  • Primary button colors
  • Secondary button colors
  • Quiz question colors
  • Quiz correct message colors
  • Quiz incorrect message colors
  • Tertiary colors
  • Content item text
  • Content item background
  • Expanded content background
  • Section heading color
  • Customize the popular Course Grid Add-on
  • Complete icon
  • Quiz icon
  • Sample icon
  • Calendar icon
  • Arrow down
  • Arrow left
  • Arrow right
  • Content icon
  • Assignment icon
  • Download icon
  • Materials icon
  • Certification icon
  • Comments icon
  • Alert icon
  • FOCUS MODE: Added widget areas!
  • FOCUS MODE: Adjust content width
  • Base font
  • Heading font
  • Heading font size
  • Section heading font size
  • Content item font size
  • Content attributes font size
  • Widget heading font size
  • Widget section heading font size
  • Widget item font size
  • Widget attributes font size
  • Widget sub item font size
  • Button font size
  • Content item border
  • Content item heading text
  • Content heading background
  • Hide various elements (breadcrumbs, activity timestamps, progress steps, lesson/topic counts, etc…)

Grid With Banners

Display your course content (lessons, topics, quizzes) in a grid format with banners for a visually rich experience.

This layout is also available for your list of courses with our new shortcodes!

Outline Mode

Give users a rich “timeline” view so they can quickly see the course hierarchy and track their progress.


Incorporate rich panoramic featured images into your courses to draw users in with a richer experience.

Duration, Content Type, and Short Descriptions

Want to give learners more feedback about the content they’re about to engage with? Add duration, a short description and a content type icon. 

Visual Customizer Course Grid

Love the LearnDash Course Grid add-on? Get another option with our bundled course grid add-on!

"I use Visual Customizer on all of my clients sites, it takes their course to the next level with minimal effort on my end."

– Matt Goldstein

Packed with Enhancements

When it comes to online courses, experiences matter. You don’t get the same touch points and interaction as you do in person.

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