LearnDash Visual Customizer

Enhance and customize your LearnDash course. Stand out from the crowd.

Make Your Course Stand Out

Online courses are getting more and more saturated. A few years ago you could attract an audience regardless of what your course “looked like.” Today that’s not the case.

LearnDash Visual Customizer enhances the look, feel and experience of your LearnDash courses to ensure your course thrives.

More Than a
Fresh Coat of Paint

Visual Customizer does more than change colors, it bundles entirely new layouts, templates and features like estimated duration, content type and more.

Packed with Enhancements

When it comes to online courses, experiences matter. You don’t get the same touch points and interaction as you do in person.

Five Bundled Skins

A variety of different styles and tones to ensure you can find one that fits your content and audience.

Custom Icons

Select from several pre-defined icon themes. If you’re using a custom layout you can pick your own individual icons!

New Layouts

Display course content in several unique ways including grids, outline mode and LearnDash enhanced.

Show Additional Information

Include expected duration, content type, brief descriptions and post thumbnails to give users more clarity.

New Widgets & Shortcodes

We’ve bundled new widgets and shortcodes that improve the login experience, course navigation, and more!

Theme Customizer Compatible

Make changes within the WordPress Theme Customizer, fine tune your design  in real time.

Grid With Banners

One of our more popular layouts featuring rich imagery and a strong grid.

Outline Mode

Give users a rich “timeline” view so they can quickly see the course hierarchy and track their progress.

LearnDash Enhanced

Want to use the LearnDash layout but add additional details like duration, a short description and icon? We got you covered.

"I use Visual Customizer on all of my clients sites, it takes their course to the next level with minimal effort on my end."

– Matt Goldstein