Notes for LearnDash

Improve the engagement and retention of your online courses through your own on-site note taking system

Give Your Learners an Edge Through an Engaging, On-Site Note Taking Application

Successful learners are happy learners. By giving users native, on-site note taking capability you help them better retain the knowledge and increase their change of success! 

Your Learners Will Love It 

Designed with the utmost attention to detail, your customers will love the visually rich and easy to use note pad interface.

How Notes Works…

The Functionality You Need

LearnDash Notes was designed based on customer feedback, ensuring it has all the features you need!

Mobile Friendly

Enhance mobile learning with a notepad that works on mobile phones, tablets and more!

Download Your Notes

Users can take their notes with them by downloading them into Microsoft Word Documents.

Enable for Any Content Type

You can enable note taking on any content type, inside and outside of LearnDash!


Review Notes, Leave Feedback

If desired, you can review your students notes, leave feedback and learn what learners consider note-worthy.


Easy Printing

One click to print!


Compatible With Any Theme

Designed to be compatible with any theme! Customize the colors to ensure it fits with your branding.

"Great plugin! Wish I had started using it day one, but my customers are loving it now!"

– Sarah Palmore

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Notes for LearnDash

Increase engagement and retention with an on-site note-taking system

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